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WING CHUN seminar with Ivailo Mihaylov at Tristar Gym Lebanon

WING CHUN seminar with Ivailo Mihaylov at Tristar Gym LebanonThe Lebanese Wushu Kung Fu Federation organized a seminar in Wing Chun on the 17th and 18th of December 2016 at Tristar Gym Lebanon (Mtayleb country club).
The Seminar was led by the expert in his field Master Ivailo Mihaylov from Bulgaria, who is currently the Russian National team head coach.
The Wing Chun style is considered to be the fastest style of self-defense. The seminar was held with and without weapons and involved some training on the wooden dummy.
At the end an International Certificate from Fight Spirit Wing Chun Kung Fu Association was distributed to all participants.

Interview with Sifu Ivailo Mihaylov and VP of the Lebanese Wushu Federation Mr. Naoum Saade Click Here