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All eyes on Rousey!
After a devastating loss at UFC 207 against the current UFC Woman's Bantamweight Champion Amanda Nunes, people and the media wouldn't seem to hold back their opinions regarding Rousey's career, training or future plans.

Many thoughts and accusations have been targeting Rousey's corner since the Holly Holmes' fight, and especially after the comeback failure versus Nunes; some throwing it all on Ronda herself and many others aiming her head coach Edmond Tarverdyan who has been accused of filling Ronda's mind regarding her boxing skills and making her believe that she's on the top of her striking game, which eventually led her being unconscious during her first loss, and receiving some heavy straight punches from Nunes that costed her an impressive TKO loss in only 48 seconds !!

Amanda Nunes gave a clear statement in the post fight conference and spoke her mind regarding Rousey's coach, and was quite sure this fight will lead to her retirement, while UFC's Heavyweight Ben Rothwell insisted that Ronda should be back better, stronger and show everyone the champion she claims to be "If Ronda Rousey can't rally after two losses, she's a loser and never was a champion" .. Others said she can't stop fighting and focus on her acting career, since she doesn't know how to act!

Whatever Ronda's decisions are regarding her MMA career, she has to reevaluate her self, her coaches, her training techniques and game plans, or else it will ruin her image and everything she worked for, she has to step up and show everyone the LEGEND she truly is.