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Will Silvio Chiha return to MMA ?

 MMA MENA spoted the young Lebanese Superstar Sivlio Chiha training Martial at Tristar Gym Lebanon Last week.Last time Silvio steeped into the MMA cage was in December 2012 at BEFC coming out with an astonishing Submission via Rear Naked Choke over the Iraqi Louay Koryel.

Silvio Chiha is undoubtedly the champion of his generation. The young Lebanese athlete is a national and Asian water ski champion. He has proudly raised the Lebanese flag on numerous occasions on the international scene. Silvio is a talented athlete with multiple skills. From a young age, he has been winning competitions in various disciplines, such as alpine skiing, swimming, sailing, judo, MMA. Moreover, Silvio did not only win trophies but also the hearts of the Lebanese people.His participation in the prime-time TV show “Splash”, that was aired on LBC,
One of the leading Lebanese TV channels, made him one of the most beloved sports figures in Lebanon, thanks to his charisma, sense of humor, courage and talent. Chiha ended up winning this show’s edition.  www.