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The World Muay Thai & Muay Boran Association in Thailand Choses Assistant Grand master Michael Amer (Khan 15) to Represent them in Lebanon

The World Muay Thai and Muay Boran Sports Association (MTBSA) of which the President, Dr. Col. Prasalsit Srisak , is the only and first association registered and recognized by Ministry of Tourism and Sports in Thailand and authorized to give official Khan grades. 

The President Colonel. Dr. Prasalsit Srisak has graduated from The Royal Military Academy of Thailand and holds both Master's and doctoral degrees in Muay Thai Martial Arts and Muay Thai Education. His Certificates are recognized with standard and quality assurance.

This association has decided to name Assistant Grand-Master Michael Amer (Khan 15) to represent The World Muay Thai and Muay Buran Sports Association in Lebanon.


Tell me about yourself:

“I was introduced to the sport 15 years ago by a man called Rodrigue Harb who taught me so much during 4 years, after I started traveling to Thailand and training in camps to bigger my experience. I’ve been doing that for the past 12 years, every year and now I take all my team with me. I sacrificed a lot for this sport and I have graduated until today 15 Coaches & assistant coaches in many affiliated Gyms to my academy KNOCKOUT.”

What about the federation:

“Let me make it clear once and for all, in Thailand there are 4 Associations and there is no true and false association, all of them have the same propose to expand Muay Thai (Thailand’s’ national sport) all over the world. We have nothing to do with the Lebanese federation as they are working with another KRU Association recognize by the ministry of Culture replica patek philippe watches and not the ministry of Sports. We are certified straight from the world Association in Thailand. If anyone has any doubt they can call or email the Thai Ministry of tourism and sports.”

How can People Join you?

“They can get in touch with me or visit our page on Facebook: