SMMAFKSA launches its first MMA youth (-18) National Championship
  Founder of Brave CF, Sheikh Khalid is appointed as president of Bahrain's Olympic Committee
  BRAVE CF returns to Abu Dhabi with the most anticipated rematch of the year
  Bahrain introduces the most prestigious trophy in sports history
  BRAVE 27: stars Aliskerov and Fakhreddine to clash at Middleweight
Mark Tanios and Georges Bardawil could make history at EFC
Mark Tanios and Georges Bardawil from Tristar Gym Lebanon, both Cedar Fighting Championship title holders will be competing against Abdallah Bazzoka and Mahmoud Mando from Egypt for the EFC Heavyweight and Bantamweight titles.
We might see for the first time in the MMA Arab world a fighter holding two belts from two different organizations simultaneously!

This event will take place on the 23rd of March and expected to be one of the biggest events in Evolution Championship history!