BRAVE 27: stars Aliskerov and Fakhreddine to clash at Middleweight
  SMMAFKSA launches its first MMA youth (-18) National Championship
  Georges Eid and Yousif Ghrairy at PARUS Fight Championship 2019
  BRAVE CF returns to Abu Dhabi with the most anticipated rematch of the year
  BRAVE CF 27 update: Aliskerov injured, out of Fakhreddine fight
  Founder of Brave CF, Sheikh Khalid is appointed as president of Bahrain's Olympic Committee
DAY 2: IMMAF European championship 2017 results


Bout 1: Male Bantamweight (-135lbs). Stefanos Kyriakides (Cyprus) def Denislav Hadzhiev via a TKO in round 2 2.04

Bout 2: Male Bantamweight (-135lbs). Darren O’Brien (Ireland) def Jack Corr (Northern Ireland) via Arm bar Round 2 2.49

Bout 3: Male Bantamweight (-135lbs). Adam Amarasinghe (UK) def Mahammad Aliyev (Azerbaijan) via Unanimous decision

Bout 4: Male Bantamweight (-135lbs). Mario Moreno (Portugal) def Eddy Nassif (Lebanon) Via Unanimous Decision

Bout 5: Male Bantamweight (-135lbs). Daryl Clarke (Ireland) def Markus Jeskanen (Finland) via TKO round 1 1:49

Bout 6: Male Bantamweight (-135lbs). Florian Doskja (Albania) def Jack Antony Flanagan (UK) via Arm Bar round 3 2:36

Bout 7: Male Featherweight (-145lbs). Hoger Salih (Sweden) def Hamad Matter (Bahrain) via Judges decision round 4

Bout 8: Male Featherweight (-145lbs). Austin Lynch (Ireland) def Jorge Adrian (Mexico) via Unanimous decision.

Bout 9: Male Featherweight (-145lbs). Borislav Angelov (Bulgaria) def Ole Johnny Eriksen (Norway) via KO round 2 0:40

Bout 10: Male Featherweight (-145lbs). Anton Pugach (Portugal) def Brendon Elwell (UK) via Split decision

Bout 11: Male Featherweight (-145lbs). Delyan Georgiev (Bulgaria) def Kierandip Sahota (UK) via Unanimous decision.

Bout 12: Male Featherweight (-145lbs). Jack Maguire (Ireland) def Davide Baggieri (Italy) Via Unanimous decision

Bout 13: Male Featherweight (-145lbs). Eemil Kurhela (Finland) def Maher Hamed (Bahrain) via Guillotine choke round 1 0:39

Bout 14: Male Featherweight (-145lbs). Gerard Corr (Northern Ireland) def Tobias Bolin (Sweden) via KO round 1 1:52

Bout 15: Male Lightweight (-155lbs). Ferdun Osmanov (Bulgaria) def Benjamin Charles Robson (UK) via Unanimous decision.

Bout 16: Male Lightweight (-155lbs). Jonathan Ortega def Campanella Mahio (France) via Technical submission round 3 2:01

Bout 17: Male Lightweight (-155lbs). Scott Harvey (Ireland) def Ermal Hadribeaj (Albania Via Unanimous decision

Bout 18: Male Lightweight (-155lbs). Ziiad Sadaily (Russia) def Nayef Fikey (Bahrain) via Unanimous decision

Bout 19: Male Lightweight (-155lbs). Tobias Harila (Sweden) def Sydykie Derman (Russia) via Via KO round 2 1:44

Bout 20: Male Lightweight (-155lbs). Ciaran Clarke (Ireland) def Gonçalo Formiga (Portugal) via Rear Naked Choke round 1 1:32

Bout 21: Male Lightweight (-155lbs). José Teixeira (Luxembourg) def Francesco Spinola (Italy) via Knee Bar round 1 1:21

Bout 22: Male Lightweight (-155lbs). Iordan Marinov (Bulgaria) def Wolf Gerhartinger (Austria) via Rear naked choke round 1 1:43

Bout 23: Male Lightweight (-170lbs). Isakov Issa (Belgium) def Andreas Lødøen (Norway) via Unanimous decision

Bout 24: Male Lightweight (-170lbs). Axel Karlsson (Sweden) def Tokoudagba Jonathan (France) via Unanimous decision

Bout 25: Male Lightweight (-170lbs). Alex Elsey (UK) def Gabriele Varesano (Italy) via Triangle choke round 3 1:14

Bout 26: Male Lightweight (-170lbs). Dawid Zan (Poland) def Gianluigi Ventoruzzo (Italy) Via Split Decision

Bout 27: Male Lightweight (-170lbs). Oskar Billar (Sweden) def Jesse Liljeberg (Finland) via Unanimous Decision

Bout 28: Male Lightweight (-170lbs). Henri Dimitri (France)  def Ventsislav Ivanov (Bulgaria) Via Unanimous Decision

Bout 29: Male Lightweight (-170lbs). Jokhar Taimuskanov (Kazakhstan) def Vitalij Boev (Germany) via Arm Bar round 1 0:35

Bout 30: Male Middleweight (-185lbs). Balázs Kárászi (Hungary) def Vaclav Holota (Czech Republic) via Triangle choke round 2 2:59

Bout 31: Male Middleweight (-185lbs). Dario Bellandi (Italy) def Mario Kainz (Austria) Via KO Round 1 1:25

Bout 32: Male Light Heavyweight (-205lbs). Kudaibergen Toleubayev (Kazakhstan) def Mario Alberto Hernandez Perez (Mexico) via  Round