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Making her way to the ring from BLACK COBRA TEAM LEBANON, TRACY NOON.
Making her way to the ring from KNOCKOUT ACADEMIE LEBANON, JENNA KARAM.
ROUND 1: Jenna explodes like a volcano, straights, high kicks, hooks, hich kicks again, bacckfist from tracy , lands, jenna takes tracy down to back control. rear aked attempt, fails. jenna goes for the armbar from the guard... saved by the bell.
ROUND 2: jenna attacks, tracy counters with a backfist... jenna cools down, not for long jenna with a combination and lands a taekdown. referee stands them up. Exchanges between the two... some blood on jenna's face... these two ladies are getting it on. end of round 2.
ROUND 3: jenna to the attack again, blood this time on tracy face, doctor steps in making sure all is good on both sides. back on track. this time tracy attacks, exchange between the two, jenna lands a high kick that leaves tracy dizzy. doctors calls the fight off for jenna. 
Winner by doctor stoppage JENNA KARAM.