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TEAM JAB opening in BEIRUT

John Haddad, Aly Makhzoum, and Mohammad Ali ‘Basha’ have joined forces to create a new team Called JAB set to open in August
in Beirut Ramlet Al Bayda.

This Huge collaboration is led by the Functional Patterns team out of
Level 8 whose purpose is conditioning and biomechanics
headed by Master Trainer John Haddad, Olivier Chiniara, Racha Hajj, and Gabriel Saravia.

The Martial Arts trainers Aly Makhzoum ,Ahmad Makhzoum, Omar Halaby, Abed Halaby, Hisham Abdallah and Sandy Nader as well as the American
BJJ black belt and Functional Patterns specialist Stevie Linton.

2 pillars in the MMA Lebanese scenes
 Mohammed Fakhreddine and Ramy Hamed have also joined the team adding a huge value for it.

John Haddad:

“JAB stands to be one set apart from all that
has come before it in this country. It is based not on the standard of training
of mere brute force, aggressive and misguided corrupted goals that go beyond
the knowledge of the fighters. With the talent, integrity and respect we the
owners and trainers of this gym uphold, nothing other than well rounded
goodness is to come from this gym’s environment. We are about developing the
fighter’s growth as human beings, their physical conditioning, their strengths
and weaknesses both as assets, good sportsmanship and bring to light these
proper role models for all those who are inspired to participate in this sport.”

Mohammad Ali “Basha”

“The younger of the owners with a background as a martial arts practitioner and
adventurous entrepreneur says “My background in the sport is what brought me
into this collaboration. The team is made up of superior striking coaches and
conditioning gurus, with well-balanced ideals to not only train fighters but to
protect their best interest as well. I think the mindset of this team and what
it stands for will be the first Lebanese team to produce a UFC caliber fighter.”