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Yousif Ghrairi: I am ready to face anyone in the EFC cage
After a beautiful run of 4-0  in the EFC Cage, Lebanese  Yousif Ghrairi ,EFC Lightweight Champion stated that he is ready to face anyone who steps in the EFC cage in the lightweight Division
Ghrairi was supposed to fight Egyptian Sami amin (6-6) who apologized because of his Father 's death lately.
Amin should have been replaced by Mahmoud Mohamad or RAMADAN "Assassin" NOAMAN (4-4) , but both couldn't make because of their injuries 
Mr. Khaled Abdel Hamid  EFC president called out the Egyptian  MAHMOUD HEFNY (1-2) giving him a chance to fight for the title.
HEFNY was very excited and promised Mr. Abdel HAmid and All the fans that he will deliver the best Fight ever .

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