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Interview: Mohammad Fakhreddine X Carl Booth
With less than a week away to Brave's most anticipated fight card Brave 8: The Rise Of Champions in Curitiba, Brazil, Arabs most famous Mohammad Fakhreddine (10-1) goes to war with one of the most vicious British fighters "The Bomber" Carl Booth (7-1) for the inaugural Welterweight Title.

Fakhreddine, who has been calling out Booth since Brave 2, is confident to walk with the welterweight title on his waist on August 12 as he believes he was destined to be World Champion.
On the other hand, and despite his last controversial no contest versus Tahar Hadbi, Booth made his Brave debut by Knocking out Gadzhimusa Gadzhiev, and has previously KO'd Fakhreddine's only opponent to defeat him, the Jordanian Lion Jarrah Al Silawi.

Interviewing the fighters, both discussed their preparation, vision and anticipation to the fight.


On Brave:
"Brave has expanded a lot and went around the world with less than a year I expect the promotion to be huge in the next couple years"

On His Fight:
"This Fight is like any other fight, I always prepare for worst case scenario. Carl booth is a well rounded fighter and an aggressive guy he comes to fight but so am i no one has seen my ground game yet so i can take the fight wherever ever i want and i will take the fight wherever i want. This is straight up business to me and on august 12th I will become the first braves welterweight champion am not doing this just for me I'm doing this for my family we've been going throw a lot of hard times in the last couple of months two of my cousins were killed by terror so i have to do this for my family my brother just fought recently under braves banner made his pro debut and he brought a bit of cheers to the family and i will make sure ill do the same on august 12th"

To the fans:
"Plz come watch this fight its gona be one hell of a fight and ill make each and every one of u proud and to the haters plz come watch the fight as well am gona need the bowes to make me push harder love u all"


On his training:
"this is definitely the  biggest opportunity of my life to fight for a world title on a truly global mma show in BRAVEcf. This training camp has gone very well, I've been training with some of the U.Ks best fighters, and prepared for the fight to go anywhere im sharp and ready to go!"

On Fakhdreddine:
"I know his style is exciting to watch. As is mine I think we can only expect fireworks in this one. I don't have any message for him"

On the fight:
I love to strike with my opponents. The goal is to win so where and when I see the opportunity I will take it. standing or on the ground"

To the fans:
"'Don't miss out!' get you tickets to the biggest BRAVE MMA event of the year!  Fight card packed full of talent and topped with 2 word title fights. Epic!!"

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