Founder of Brave CF, Sheikh Khalid is appointed as president of Bahrain's Olympic Committee
  SMMAFKSA launches its first MMA youth (-18) National Championship
  Georges Eid and Yousif Ghrairy at PARUS Fight Championship 2019
  BRAVE CF returns to Abu Dhabi with the most anticipated rematch of the year
Rad Abbas contributing in the MMA development in IRAQ
Mixed Martial Arts is the fastest growing sport in the world, especially in the Middle East and Arab countries this game is having full support, funding and media coverage by the governments or private organizations.

We have seen several organizations rise during the past years in the region, such as Desert ForceBrave Combat FederationCedar Fighting ChampionshipPhoenix, and Iraq's ICFC, an organization that promotes both professional and amateur competitions.

Mr. Raed Jamil Abbas, President of IRAQ's MMA committee, has pledged full support and coverage for ICFC's amateur championships, especially after the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) is holding the 2017 Amateurs World Championship during this November in Bahrain, providing opportunities for the rising champions to prove themselves and excel in this game, gaining the best fighting experience before turning Pro.

ICFC has hosted 4 successful amateurs events so far, the latest was in October, and it is proving how much this sport has evolved and is receiving huge appeal from the audience and MMA fans in IRAQ.

Mr. Abbas is expanding the game as well by hosting seminars and training sessions for fighters and people interested in joining the martial arts community.