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Team Bahrain in the IMMAF 2017 World Championship
It is the 3rd day of the IMMAF 2017 World Championship, and with the participation of almost 50 countries, the level of competition is extremely high, however Team Bahrain continues to deliver amazing results, especially that HH Shaik Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa is following up with his national team, showing on going support and motivation to his national team athletes, especially now they've reached an advanced stage in the tournament.

Day 2 has earned Team Bahrain several victories, Bantamweight Gamzat Magamedov (Bahrain) defeated Nurtilek Yerkuatuly (Kazakhstan) via Guillotine Choke in Round 1

At Flyweight, Hussain Abdulla (Bahrain) def Fabricio Barbosa (Brazil) via Triangle Choke in Round 2
At Featherweight,  Abdulmanap Magomedov (Bahrain) def Betach Amine
(France) Due to Medical examination Failure
At Lightweight, Nayef FIkey (Bahrain) def Alessandri Franquillo (Italy) Via Unanimous decision, while in the Welterweight division, Shamil Gimbatov (Bahrain) def Taylor Garret (New Zealand) via Unanimous Decision and finally at Light Heavyweight, Murtaza Talha Ali (Bahrain) def Zbenek Holub (Czech Republic) via TKO in Round 2

Day 2 Full Results:


Bout 1: Female Straw Weight (115 lbs): Hannah Dawson (New Zealand) def Naipunya Sunil
(India) via TKO Round (2) 1:21

Bout 2: Female Flyweight (125 lbs): Danni Neilan (Ireland) def Abidi Mariem (Tunisia) via
Unanimous Decision

Bout 3: Flyweight (125 lbs): Serdar Altas (Sweden) def Hiroyuki Sugiura (Japan) via
Unanimous Decision

Bout 4: Flyweight (125 lbs): Yernaz Mussabek (Kazakhstan) def Dennis Ryden (Sweden) via
Tringle Choke Round (1) 55s

Bout 5: Flyweight (125 lbs): Shiva Raj (India) def Irfan Ahmed (Pakistan) via Split Decision

Bout 6: Bantamweight (135 lbs): Olazhas Moldagaliyev (Kazakhstan) def Chase Boutwell
(United States) via Unanimous Decision

Bout 7: Bantamweight (135 lbs): Valeriy Palatov (Russia) def Austin Lynch (Ireland) via Arm
Bar Round (3) 38s

Bout 8: Featherweight (145 lbs): David Evans (United States) def Boma Terence (France) via
Triangle Choke Round (1) 1:59

Bout 9: Featherweight (145 lbs): Delyan Georgiev (Bulgaria) def Clarke Jarrett (New Zealand)
via TKO Round (1) 58s

Bout 10: Featherweight (145 lbs): Ali Wasuk (Canada) def Khazar Rustamov (Azerbaijan) via
Unanimous Decision

Bout 11: Lightweight (155 lbs): Quitin Thomas (United State) def Ethan Thomas (Australia) via
Unanimous Decision

Bout 12: Lightweight (155 lbs): Jakub Tichota (Czech Republic) def Jack Maguire (Ireland) via
Split Decision

Bout 13: Welterweight (170 lbs): Sola Axel (France) def Makhir Aliyev (Kazakhstan) via
Unanimous Decision

Bout 14: Welterweight (170 lbs): Niko Skonback (Finland) def Yann Liasse (Luxembourg) via
Unanimous Decision

Bout 15: Welterweight (170 lbs): Benjamin Bennett (United Kingdom) def Pat Hamer (New
Zealand) via KO Round (2) 45s

Bout 16: Middleweight (185 lbs): Stacy Waikato (New Zealand) def Heytham Rabahi (Sweden)
via Unanimous Decision

Bout 17: Middleweight (185 lbs): Bjorn Luckas Haraldsson (Icwland) def Fionn Healy-Magwa
(Ireland) via TKO Round (2) 1:132

Bout 18: Middleweight (185 lbs): Khaled Laallam (Sweden) def Rusi Minev (Bulgaria) via
Unanimous Decision

Bout 19: Light Heavyweight (205 lbs): Anton Turkalj (Sweden) def Ajit Negi (India) via Darcie
Round (1) 36s

Bout 20: Light Heavyweight (205 lbs): Thomas Knudsen (Denmark) def Bachir Ricardo
(Lebanon) via Unanimous Decision

Bout 21: Light Heavyweight (205 lbs): Pawel Zakrzewski (Poland) def Jaakko Honkasalo
(Finland) via TKO Strikes Round (3) 1:28

Bout 22: Heavyweight (265 lbs): Cameron Dempsey (Australia) def Matias Anttil (Finland) via
Unanimous Decision


Bout 1: Female Flyweight (125lbs): Gulmira Nugmanova (Kazakhstan) def Saloni Avhad
(India) via TKO Round 2 2:25

Bout 2: Female Flyweight (125lbs): Ghita Lulia Luiza (Romania) def Alish Smith (Australia) via
Unanimous Decision

Bout 3: Flyweight (125lbs): Dastan Zhakypekov (Kazakhstan) def Mohammed Almuamari
(Bahrain) via Unanimous Decision

Bout 4: Flyweight (125lbs): Dylan Kennedy (Ireland) def Pathian Malsawmdawngliana (India)
via Arm bar Round 1 1:53

Bout 5: Flyweight (125lbs): Hussain Abdulla (Bahrain) def Fabricio Barbosa (Brazil) via
Triangle Choke Round 2 2:21

Bout 6: Bantamweight (135lbs): Carlos Veras (Brazil) def Renato Vidovic (Sweden) via
Unanimous decision

Bout 7: Bantamweight (135lbs): Gamzat Magomedov (Bahrain) def Nurtilek Yerkuatuly
(Kazakhstan) via Guillotine Choke Round 1 0:56

Bout 8: Bantamweight (135lbs): Florian Doskja (Albania) def Ben Miles (UK) via Guillotine
Choke Round 2 2:26

Bout 9: Bantamweight (135lbs): Dinislam Jetpissov (Kazakhstan) def Hamza Zrira (Bahrain)
via Unanimous Decision

Bout 10: Featherweight (145lbs): Merey Zhubanov (Kazakhstan) def Carlos Ibanez Aguayo
(Spain) via TKO Round 2 0:25

Bout 11: Featherweight (145lbs): Abdulmanap Magomedov (Bahrain) def Betach Amine
(France) Due to Medical examination Failure

Bout 12: Lightweight (155lbs): Ciaran Clarke (Ireland) def Tobias Harila (Sweden) via
Unanimous Decision

Bout 13: Lightweight (155lbs): Ermal Hadribeaj (Albania) def Nayef Fikey (Bahrain) via TKO
Round 2 1:48

Bout 14: Welterweight (170lbs): Cody Barnwell (Australia) def Gianluigi Ventoruzzo (Italy) Via
Split Decision

Bout 15: Welterweight (170lbs): Shamil Gimbatov (Bahrain) def Taylor Garret (New Zealand)
via Unanimous Decision

Bout 16: Middleweight (185lbs): Dario Bellandi (Italy) def Ezekiel Wetere (New Zealand) via
Guillotine Choke Round 2 0:54

Bout 17: Middleweight (185lbs): Christian Leroy Duncan (UK) def Madi Dosmukhametov
(Kazakhstan) Via a Omoplata Round 3 2:29

Bout 18: Middleweight (185lbs): Ricardo Caceres Delgado (Spain) def Andrew Stanway
(Australia) via Split Decision

Bout 19: Light Heavyweight (205lbs): Sam Lawson (Australia) def Frikkie Bendeman (South
Africa) via TKO Round 2 1:50

Bout 20: Light Heavyweight (205lbs): Murtaza Talha Ali (Bahrain) def Zbenek Holub (Czech
Republic) via TKO Round 2 1:13

Bout 21: Heavyweight (265lbs): Delano Human (South Africa) def Besart Berisha (Austria) via
TKO Round 2 2:08


Bout 1: Female Flyweight (125 Ibs): Michele Oliveira (Baazil) def Dee Begley (Ireland) via TKO
Round (1) 1:02

Bout 2: Female Flyweight (125 Ibs): Nishigandha Rao (India) def Daria Sloviashchenkova
(Russia) via Split Decision

Bout 3: Flyweight (125 Ibs): Sean Stebbins (United States) def Sanan Safarli (Azerbaijan) via
Split Decision

Bout 4: Flyweight (125 Ibs): Giacomo Sanotoro (Italy) def David Pajunen (Finland) via Triangle
Choke Round (2) 0:58

Bout 5: Bantamweight (135 Ibs): Astem Arechka (Belarus) def Moreau Florian (France) via
Unanimous Decision

Bout 6: Bantamweight (135 Ibs): Abzzy Mahdawi (Austrailia) def Jack Corr (Northern Ireland)
via Unanimous Decision

Bout 7: Featherweight (145 Ibs): Dylan Lieke (Canada) def Split Decision Hoger Salih
(Sweden) via TKO Round (2) 1min4s

Bout 8: Featherweight (145 Ibs): Joel Arolainen (Finland) def Jonathan Ortega (Mexico) via
Arm Triangle Round (3) 1m50s

Bout 9: Featherweight (145 Ibs): Ashley Williams (UK) def Bekzat Zhassiya via Arm Bar Round

Bout 10: Lightweight (155 Ibs): Vitali Andruhovich (Belarus) def Xabidi Fabien (france) via
Unanimous Decision

Bout 11: Lightweight (155 Ibs): Jose Teixeira (Luxembourg) def Bogdan Grad (Austria) via Knee
Bar Round (1) 2:15

Bout 12: Lightweight (155 Ibs): Pk Zaed (United Kingdom) def Neimat Assadov (Kazakhstan
via Split Decision

Bout 13: Lightweight (155 Ibs): John Nguyen (Canada) def Nkosi Nebele (South Africa) via
Rear Naked Choke Round (3) 1 min 31s

Bout 14: Welterweight (170 Ibs): Zhan Kenzhebayev (Kazakhstan) def Sam Slater (Ireland) via
Unanimous Decision

Bout 15: Welterweight (170 Ibs): Isakov Issa (Belgium) def Riyaad Pandy (South Africa) via
Round (2) 2:32 Triangle Choke

Bout 16: Welterweight (170 Ibs): Oskae Biller (Sweden) def Mika Kallio (Finland) via Round (1)
1 min 54s

Bout 17: Middleweight (185 Ibs): Joseph Luciano (Australia) def Theebaan Goviandasamy
(Malaysa) via Amiricana Decision Round (1) 2 min 16s

Bout 18: Middleweight (185 Ibs): Darian Weeks (United States) def Jussi Pirttikangas (Finland)
via Unanimous Decision

Bout 19: Light Heavyweight (205 Ibs): Kudaibergen Toleubayev (Kazakhstan) def Dimitri Fogg
(South Africa) via Unanimous Decision

Bout 20: Light Heavyweight (205 Ibs): Pavel Pahomenko (Belarus) def Deniele Matiddi (Italy)
via Arm Bar Round (1) 1min 01s

Bout 21: Light Heavyweight (205 Ibs): Christoffer Hillsjo (Sweden) def Gabriele Bartoni (Italy)
via Unanimous Decision