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Hadbi and Fakhreddine engage in post-Brave 9 accusations

The biggest rivalry in Brave Combat Federation wasn't quite settled at the historical Brave 9: The Kingdom of Champions. After a back-and-forth and exciting first round, Mohammad Fakhreddine was unable to continue due to an accidental low blow by Tahar Hadbi. After the No Contest, both fighters were left unsatisfied by the outcome and exchanged accusations.

French-Algerian Hadbi claimed "The Latest" used the accidental low blow, for which he apologized, to get out of the fight, since "Fast Hands" was taking over the second round.

"If you see some of his past fights, you will see that every time the fighter is proving to be a handful for him, he finds a way to run away. He did the same with Vinicius Cruz. My knee was illegal, and I'm sorry about that. It was not intentional. But this happens to every fighter and of course, a fighter can take 5 mins to recover from such a blow, but I never saw a stoppage for this", said Hadbi, who guarantees the Lebanese phenom isn't as tough as he claims.

"Before the fight, I thought Fakhreddine was tough. But not anymore. I thought he had heavy hands, but not at all, trust me. I've fought more powerful opponents".

Fakhreddine had a different view from the fight before the injury, saying he was faster and more powerful and Hadbi couldn't handle that.

"He was running from me the whole fight. He was scared. I knew it. I was a lot stronger. I hit faster and harder than he does. That fight wasn't going the distance, I was going to finish him in that second round. I was so close in the first, but he was tired and scared in the second. He could barely walk, he was so hurt", says "The Latest", who rebuffed claims he was getting tired in the second frame.

"Not even a bit. I was still good, my weight cut was easy and I was in a super good shape. I was feeling really good", guarantees Fakhreddine.

The Fight, for those who missed it!