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Lebanese Wushu Sanda Team Dominates the Mediterranean Championship!
The Lebanese Wuhu Sanda national team has been evolving year after year, engaging and dominating local and regional competitions, where many Champions has been produced over the years, such as World Bronze medalist and World Cup Silver Medalist Georges Eid, and recently World Bronze medalist Elie Bou Gebrael, and of course the Wushu Sanda all-time favorite athlete Elie El Rayess, who has been appointed Head coach of the national team last year, along with one of the best Strength & Conditioning trainer in Lebanon, and previous National Champion Ryan Merheb.

The team now has many fresh faces, supervised by Vice President Mr. Naoum Saade, they are engaging in back-to-back competitions all year long.

One of the National team female athletes Baraba El Rassi managed to finish her opponent with a beautiful Head Kick knocking her opponent unconscious!

National team members who competed in the Mediterranean Championship:

Full Sanda

Michel Zammar 90+ kg Vs Greece - Gold Medal

Georges Saade 80kg vs Cyprus and Greece - Gold Medal

Elie Bou Gebrayel 75kg vs Cyprus and Greece - Gold Medal

Francois El Rassi 70kg vas Cyprus and Greece - Gold Medal

Barbara El Rassi 52kg vs Greece and Italy - Gold Medal

Najwa Issa 48kg vs Italy and Greece - Gold Medal

Christian Hajj 65kg vs Cyprus and Greece - Silver Medal

Kristina Abboud 70kg vs Italy and Greece - Bronze Medal

Light Sanda

Chris Bejjani 65kg vs Greece and Cyprus - Gold Medal

Team Celebration: