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Welterweight champ Carlston Harris breaks down Hadbi x Fakhreddine, expects rematch
Brave 9: The Kingdom of Champions had two pivotal Welterweights fights with probable title implications and divisional champion Carlston Harris kept a close eye in both matches as he awaits his next challenge after being crowned the inaugural titleholder back in August. And "Moçambique" was impressed with the high technical level of the Tahar Hadbi and Mohammad Fakhreddine fight.

Harris said it was "a shame" the rivalry had to be paused due to an accidental low blow since he was "enjoying watching those two leave it all inside the Brave cage".

"I was very entertained with the first round between Fakhreddine and Hadbi. I felt like Fakhreddine had the edge in the first round, he was way more active, throwing hard kicks and working his hands. Hadbi was relying too much on his jab, but I think he was just biding his time. In the second round, before the low blow, you could see Fakhreddine fading and I think Hadbi was taking over. It was a shame for everyone that the fight didn't have an ending. But if it went the distance I'd give the edge to Hadbi, definitely", guarantees Harris.

Mohammad Fakhreddine and Carlston Harris have never fought, but do have a history, since the champion first got his title shot on one day's notice at Brave 8 due to the Lebanese becoming ill during his weight cut. However, Harris doesn't expect to meet "The Latest" anytime soon as he expects a rematch with Hadbi should be next for Fakhreddine.

"I don't think either of them should fight me next. Fakhreddine is coming off a No Contest and Hadbi has two No Contests. They have to rematch each other. They should settle who is the better fighter before thinking about a title fight", says the champ.