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Who do you got? Nurmagomedov X Barboza
UFC 219 brings fight fans the much anticipated lightweight bout between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Edson Barboza. This is an epic matchup for the division, and the winner should get a shot at UFC gold.

Khabib Nurmagomedov has a professional record of 24-0, and has been extremely dominant in all of his fights. A series of injuries has only allowed Khabib to fight eight times since his UFC debut in 2012, but he has dominated some of the divisions best. One of his most impressive UFC victories was his last fight against Micheal Johnson. After nearly a hundred ground and pound strikes, Khabib finished the fight with a kimura. Khabib’s combat sambo background will be very important if he wants to beat Edson Barboza on Saturday. He will look to take him down the first chance he can get, and that’s when he gets to work.

Edson Barboza is one of the most dangerous strikers on the UFC roster, and has enough power in his kicks to finish the fight at any moment. Since losing to UFC lightweight interim champion Tony Ferguson in 2015, Barboza has beat the likes of Anthony Pettis, Gilbert Melendez, and scored a fantastic flying knee KO over Baneil Dariush in March of this year. A vital part to Barboza’s success this weekend will be his take-down defense.
As seen in his past fights, Barboza targets the lead leg of his opponent and has enough power to end the fight like that. If Barboza is able to land some of his signature leg kicks on Saturday, he will make this fight extremely interesting.

Watch the UFC 219 Countdown: Nurmagomedov vs Barboza