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Dana White :”you re just a Conor Hater if you want McGregor stripped of his lightweight title

As the days tick by with no definitive sign of McGregor returning to the Octagon, there have been calls for the Irish superstar to be stripped of his lightweight title due to inactivity. In an interview with ESPN, UFC president Dana White hit back at critics of McGregor, and dished out one of the most puzzling statements you’ll ever see. "For people to suggest that, you're just a Conor hater," White told ESPN. "Because if you look at how everything played out, Conor has fought everybody. When he won the 155-pound belt, he dropped the 145-pound belt, which we made him do. He tried not to do it, but he contractually had to let go of the 145-pound belt. "He became the 155-pound champion, and his next fight was against Floyd Mayweather. He has to defend the title now. So, how has he never defended the title?" Incredibly, White is denying the fact that McGregor has never defended a UFC title, even though he’s never been so much as scheduled for a title defense in the first place. Absolutely mindboggling.

White defended McGregor by noting his run of wins up to his featherweight title win vs. Jose Aldo, the fact that the first Nate Diaz fight was due to then-lightweight champ Rafael dos Anjos’ pre-UFC 196 injury, and called it a “f—king exaggeration” in saying that Conor has never defended a title. "It wasn't Conor's fault [dos Anjos] got hurt. It is Conor's fault he did Mayweather, but we decided to do the Mayweather fight and everybody gave a f---. And after the fight, every fighter in the UFC gave him props for representing the sport." Dana later added that he is “hopeful” that McGregor will return to the Octagon by next summer. Interim lightweight champion Tony Ferguson is supposed to be his next opponent. Key words are “supposed to be.”