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SafeJawz, a revolutionary mouthguard, now available in Lebanon and at all Sports Experts branches!
Athletes have been craving a Mouth-guard that allows them to express their inner self, now SAFEJAWZ provides that.
SafeJawz is a revolutionary self-fit mouth-guard that has protected thousands of athletes around the World, from grassroots level up to World Champions. Whether you are looking for a plain, reliable mouth-guard, something fun but ready to go, or a bespoke, custom-made mouth-guard handmade just for you, they got you covered.

SafeJawz introduced the Intro and Extro series.

Intro Series

The SAFEJAWZ intro series is a truly revolutionary self-fit mouth-guard. The SAFEJAWZ brand has a long history of making custom mouth-guards for dentists and all this knowledge has been put into developing what we believe is the best fitting range of self-fit Mouth-guards in the World.
3D printing was used in the development stages to ensure a slim profile and carefully consider every single aspect of the product. The intro series single layer construction means you can achieve a fit that ‘clicks’ into place, so you almost forget you’re wearing it.

Extro Series

The revolutionary new sports mouth-guard that through all of its advanced product features, boasts a very comfortable fit and optimum protection for ALL sports.
It’s Fluid Fit Technology means that SAFEJAWZ guards feature a super-slim profile and great retentive qualities. The guard will essentially clip onto the teeth & fit comfortably so that breathing, talking and drinking will not be a problem.
Jaw Secure also offers protection to the jaw and lower teeth. The pre-occluded base and raised impact pads on the bottom of the product act as a buffer to prevent damage from impact to the lower jaw.

The SAFEJAWZ Extro Series all feature an awesome design on the front. Athletes are trying more and more to stand out from their peers and find new ways to show their personality as they perform. SAFEJAWZ gives wearers that freedom - Protection with Personality.

SafeJawz today has signed partnership with the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF), and have many athletes from all kinds of sports wearing its customized product such as England Rugby star James Haskell, UFC phenom Gunnar Nelson, World Champion Boxer George Groves, K1 World Champion Robbie Hageman and many more.

So whether you are into Football, Basketball, Ski, MMA, or any kind of sports, SafeJawz is the right mouth-guard to wear!

SAFEJAWZ is now available in Lebanon and all Sports Experts branches!

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