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Nawras Abzakh to face World Champion Abdul Hussein at Brave 10!
Nawras Abzagh, a name well known in the Middle East & Arab world, is one of the most talented bantamweights around. Coming out of Jordan, this beast holds a professional record of 6 Wins and 1 Loss, earned in his last fight against a very tough opponent from Brazil, Felipe Efrain who managed to put the first loss on Abzagh perfect record.

Nawras is set to fight at Brave 10 in Jordan to seek his redemption, in a historical fight card alongside shining names in the martial arts community, such as Jarrah al SelaweeAbdul-Kareem Al SelwadeMohammad Fakhreddine, Mohammad GhorabiTarek Suleiman and many more. 

This beast will be competing at Brave 10 against another talented and rising star, Abdul Hussein, who lives and train in Finland, with Palestinian roots. 

Abdul Hussein, is an undefeated martial artists, holding a clean Professional record 4-0 , and a perfect amateur record 8-0, having won both the IMMAF World and European Championship, to be the first contender to claim both titles.

What will be the outcome of this fight? will Nawras have his redemption or will Abdul Hussein enhance his perfect record? We'll find out on March 2nd.