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Mlambo/Efrain: Who is next for Stephen Loman?

You can bet your bottom dollar that Brave bantamweight champion Stephen Loman will be watching the fight between Frans Mlambo and Felipe Efrain on Brave 10! After all, he could very well be facing one of these outstanding strikers in his very first title defense!

Mlambo vs Efrain will take place in Amman, Jordan on the 2nd of March, 2018 on the Brave 10 card. Mlambo has put together a two fight win streak on Brave with two spectacular victories over Jalal Al Daaja and Michael Deiga Scheck respectively. The boxing sparing partner of Conor McGregor is known for his ferocious right hand, elusive head movement and for being a ‘must watch’ fighter. He will take on his biggest test in Felipe Efrain who has also put together a 2 fight win streak in his Brave career finishing his opponents by vicious TKO/KO’s.


This fight will be a striking festival. Boxing vs Muay Thai, counter striking vs forward pressure, SBG vs Chute Boxe…. This fight has it all and is certainly a contender for FOTN.


Both fighters have won POTN during their Brave careers. What are the odds that they can do so again in Amman? We like to think the odds are fairly good ;)