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Cody Garbrandt offers TJ Dillashaw a cut of his purse if he defends his title at UFC 222
After Max Holloway was forced out of his Featherweight title defense against Frankie Edgar — which was set to go down at UFC 222 on March 3rd, 2018, the UFC turned the spotlight to Cody Garbrandt and T.J. Dillashaw.

Garbrandt told Ariel Helwani on Monday's edition of the MMA Hour that he is willing to give Dillashaw a percentage of his fight purse if Dillashaw takes a fight with him at UFC 222 on March 3rd in Las Vegas.

“I’ll give him a cut of my purse if he wants it, if the UFC doesn’t want to compensate him,” Garbrandt said on a recent edition of The MMA Hour. “It’s not about money for me, it’s about principle. It’s about getting my title back. I’m healthy. OK, we both haven’t been training — OK, cool. Four weeks, we’re fighters at the end of the day. We’re gonna fight. If he wants a cut of my purse, I’ll give [it to] him. If it’s money for him, OK.”

Dillashaw defeated Garbrandt via knockout at UFC 217 to reclaim his 135-pound Belt. Cody was determined on working his way back up, but after Holloway's injury, he rushed into taking the opportunity.

“When the UFC calls and gives you can opportunity like that, you jump all over it,” Garbrandt said. “I don’t know, man. He wants to make a lot of excuses and bring fatherhood into it. It’s the same thing. I understand, whatever. But you’re gonna sit there and tell me you can’t train because you’ve got a kid?,” questioned Cody.

To hear him tell it, Dillashaw and his team simply don’t want the rematch, period.

“TJ already started planting it in the media,” Garbrandt said. “They’re media whores, him and Duane. They want to go there and talk. I never saw a coach who goes in the media and talks and does interviews more than Duane. It’s crazy to me. They know what it is. That’s why they say I’m gonna have a long road back. They don’t want that fight back with me and it is what it is,” he added. “It’s inevitable. It’s destiny for me to be a world champion again. That’s my goals and that’s what I’m training for.”

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