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Interview with Sallaheddine Dekhissi prior his Title fight at Phoenix 6!
Middleweight star Sallaheddine Dekhissi (5-2) is set to fight the Lebanese veteran and undefeated Mohammad Karaki, in a battle for Phoenix Middleweight Title this April in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Sallah has last fought in September in CFC 4th edition at Casino Du Liban, where he smashed his Egyptian opponent Mohammad Al Dawansi in the very first seconds of the first round.

Sallah had a wonderful experience at Lebanon, and had couple of words he wanted to share to the mma fans,

Indeed it was a long period without fighting due at a lot of injuries. 2 years and half without fighting, it’s huge, when you don’t fight people forget you. I couldn’t wait more to make my comeback. Now it’s my third fight consecutive which I won under 1 minutes. I always work to finish in the first round. My preparation for this fight was mentally and physically very tough. To be honest with you I was injured during this fight. So I had to finish quickly this fight. I also lost a lot of time without fighting (Almost 3 years), I have to catch up on lost time. It was my first fight for the CFC in Lebanon, I would make an impressive debut for the public and for the organizer, to be sure he don’t make mistake with me when he match me on his card. I loved this experience. Lebanese people are special. I love them, and I loved this beautiful country. I knew a lot of fighters from Tristar because Wissam is my corner man. The crowd supported me during this fight even I’m not a local fighter, that is beautiful and special with Lebanese people. The public was crazy.

And about his relationship with Tristar Lebanon Head Coach and IMMAF Board member Wissam Abi Nader

Indeed yesterday I posted a photo of us after the fight. I would thank him for all he do for me. He is like my big brother. It’s the third fight he is on me corner. He give me a lot of energy before the fight. One of the best man I met ever. He is always smiling, he work a lot for his team and his fighters. I hope I will make a lot of fights with him on my corner. I would like fight again with the CFC. It was a good experience and a good organization. I think this organization will grow up more. But for my next fight I want I title fight. I want this belt, I think I deserve it with my last fight. Now I’m waiting a good opportunity for a fight. Maybe in Europe or Middle East. I waiting the different propositions.

His preparations,

I make my preparation in Paris with my team Atch Academy, also in the Kajyn team with Seydina Seck, Seydina is a great fighter, you can check him on sherdog, and with my physio and corner man Rémi Lancou. My preparation is focused on MMA like all my preparations.

Regarding his fight with Karaki,

I was ready 2 years ago to give him his first lost when we fought at Desert Force organization, now I’m more than ready. About my injury, I made my last 3 fights with biggest injuries, you know the rest of the story. 3) My last three fights were as tough as the next one. I will finish this fight when I will want to finish it.

When asked about his future plans he said,

I don’t know about that, I’m not focus on my future, I’m just focus on my next fight.