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Interview with Phoenix Middleweight Title Contender Mohammad Karaki
Mohammad Karaki, one of the top MMA fighters in the Middle East, having a flawless record (8-0), and the first to hold two titles in two different divisions at Desert Force, is now put to a bigger challenge which could enormously impact his career, to be the first Phoenix Fighting Championship Middleweight Champion.

Karaki will be facing Sallaheddine Dekhissi (5-2) for the Middleweight title at Phoenix 6, in Abu Dhabi on April 5. Sallah is a well rounded fighter who has good striking and grappling skills, which will make it a very interesting combat between these two experienced fighters.

We Interviewed the Undefeated Lebanese Champion Mohammad Karaki,  to see what he has to say regarding his upcoming bout,

About his Training and Preparation

I am 100% ready for the fight , i have been training with the best , here at primal gym in abudhabi am having the best sparring partners and best coaches to guide me for the win, i am definitely in my best shape for this fight .

His expectation for the fight

I never underestimate any of my opponents! I train and prepare for 5 mins 5 rounds each time my conditioning is at its best, I promise to not let it go to the judges.

Regarding his last fight and Sallah trash talking him

Alaa has been asking for that fight since a long time which I didn’t as for, same with dekhissi now he has been asking for this fight since my first middle weight title in desert force! He is good at trash talk maybe..

For me it’s all business i have to win get a better experience better record more money and fame that’s all it is about.

His comment on Sallah saying "He could defeat Karaki on one Leg and break his record

Hmm .. we’ll see how it goes :)

a word to the fans and Mr. Chahe Yerevanian

I am going to start with Mr. Chahe, this gentleman has been a good supporter for the sport and for myself too before he even started phoenix , he is doing great job he knows what the fighters need and he is offering all he can do for us I appreciate it a lot.

Lebanese people in Lebanon , UAE and around the world support me on the 5th of April as you will witness the first Lebanese phoenix champion mark my words INSHALLAH!!