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Magical fight night at the European Beatdown 3!

Last Saturday, March 17, 2018 took place the third edition of the European Beatdownat the Mons Arena.

An amazing crowd and an epic atmosphere took over the arena with a alongside a sick level of production.

3 new champions were crowned at the European Beatdown 3.


Johnny Walker crush Cheick Koné in the first round by TKO in main fight.

The main fight for the -93kg belt pits Brazil's Johnny Walker (12-4) against Frenchman Cheick Koné (17-9).

Koné directly puts pressure on the Brazilian and takes him to the ground after a few seconds of the first round. Walker manages to get up under the threat of a guillotine while holding Koné in muay thai clinch. After a period of inactivity against the cage, the referee separates the 2 fighters and restarts the action in the center of the cage.

It's Walker's turn to take French to the ground and go directly from the guard to the mounts inflicting an unbearable ground and pound to the French. Koné does not defend himself anymore. The referee stops the fight. Johnny Walker is crowned new -93kg champion by TKO in the first round.

It's no wonder the new champion delivers his impressions.

Johnny Walker: "It was easy enough for me, I'm a complete fighter. I was ready no matter what. But I'm not happy with this fight because I like knockouts, people like knockouts, I'll try to do better in the next fight. "

JW: "I do not like the result because I know I can do better. I want to be the world champion of the UFC. "

JW: "I want to make a collection of belts first and have my name recognized! "


Peter Ligier, new champion -61kg well deserved.

The -61kg belt is played between Peter Ligier (9-2) and Pedro Souza (14-3).

Round 1 

Ligier puts the pressure directly but the 2 fighters keep the distance and observe themselves while exchanging some kicks.

It's Souza's turn to put pressure on and take over trade. He punishes Ligier's body with kicks from his knees while holding low kicks.

The Brazilian takes his rhythm and touches more and more with his combinations while keeping a good distance against. Souza dominates the exchanges and gets a jump knee. Ligier is preparing to take his opponent to the ground while he is threatened with a guillotine and then changes his mind remotely.

At one minute from the end of the round, the Brazilian wins a big combination that touches the Frenchman who puts himself in survival mode. Souza puts pressure and tries to finish his opponent. He brings her to the ground but Ligier gets up quickly. At 10 seconds from the end of the round Souza still shoots a big right hook to the jaw of Ligier.

Round 1: Souza 10-9


Round 2

Ligier puts the pressure directly and kicks his opponent. Much more mobile, he checks Souza's kicks and boxing quickly out of the box.

Souza continues to kick French, clinche and bring him to the ground. Ligier gets up quickly while maintaining the distance.

After some exchanges, Ligier retries a feed to the ground. The Brazilian tries a guillotine but looses his grip while French slam the ground.

After a slight ground and pound the 2 fighters get up.

Souza puts pressure and takes more risks in trade.

Ligier wins a big right hook that seems to disarm his opponent. He then against the kicks by left hooks that touch more and more.

Round 2: Ligier 10-9


Round 3

The 2 fighters stay in the center of the cage and exchange at a distance. After 2 minutes Ligier hit the Brazilian with a big header from the left and immediately after a big left hook that made Souza wobble. The French put pressure on his opponent against the cage and knocked out a combination of hooks.

Peter Ligier wins the belt -61 kg by TKO in the 3rd round.

Peter Ligier: "I do not know how I feel, it's hard to express, it's a realization of all the work I've done. As I said to the microphone never 2 without 3 and I managed to return with the belt. It's another experience. I had trouble getting into the fight. I had trouble waking up but I fell asleep. "

PL:  "I followed his rhythm in fact. He dictated a slow pace which is not my habit. Normally it's me who dictates the game, I tried to put pressure on him but he was still slow in quotation marks, so suddenly I followed his rhythm. During the 1st, and the 2nd round I found it a bit weird, I could not predict what he was going to do so suddenly I woke up in the 3rd round. My coach gave me instructions and told me to wake up. I went inside, I put pressure on him right away and then I can not remember what happened (laugh).

PL: "I fight at SHC on May 5th for a belt against Anthony Riggio in -61kg"

Tristar gym Lebanon Bulldozer Georges Eid, champion -77kg by disqualification.

It is Georges Eid (8-2) and Abdoul Abdouraguimov (6-1) who start for the -77kg belt.

After some exchanges Abdoul Abduraguimov quickly takes his opponent to the ground to land directly in half-guard. Eid gets to get up but to get back to the ground directly. Abdouraguimov quickly switches to side control and begins an incessant ground and pound to climb.

Abdouraguimov alternates easily between side control and riding while continuing the ground and pound by elbows to the skull. Blows open the scalp of the Lebanese at the back of the skull The referee interrupts the fight for injury due to an illegal move.

Abdul Abduraguimov is disqualified and Eid is crowned new champion -77kg.


Gaetano Pirello (12-4) and Eduardo De Azevedo (8-10-2) opened the main card.

Pirello puts the pressure directly on the Brazilian and sends big combinations. Azevedo cons effectively by square brackets.

Pirello cash without flinching and continues to push his opponent against the cage.

After 4 minutes of exchanges our countryman touches his opponent on the chin with a powerful knee. The Brazilian collapses but continues to defend himself.

Pirello continues to put pressure on ground and pound and knees. The Belgian touch his opponent in the head with his knees but the referee sees nothing and lets continue the action to stop a few strokes later under the challenges of the Brazilian.

Pirello wins by TKO in the first round.


Eva Dourthe (3-0) and Mellony Geugjes (2-4) made the show!

To close the prelims Eva Dourthe and Mellony Geugjes were the only female fight and really it's a pity !!! Eva Doute and Mellony Geugjes gave themselves 200%.

The two fighters embarked on a war where the gameplans were very clear. Dourthe wanted to control his opponent on the ground to submit and Geugjes wanted to counterattack to knock out his opponent.

Although the fight arrived at the decision it was probably the fight of the evening. Dourthe dominated his opponent during the 3 rounds but not without danger. Indeed Geugjes remained a danger until the last second, trying to knock out the tireless Dourthe.

Eva Dourthe wins by unanimous decision.


EBD keeps on delivering one of the best mma productions in the world. Looking forward for the 4th edition.