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Chahe Yerevanian: Phoenix FC will become the UFC of the Arab World!
Mr. Chahe Yerevanian, founder of multi-billion dollars company SAYFCO Holding, CEO of Phoenix Fighting Championship, and one of the leading public figures in the region, has shifted the martial arts scene in the Middle East & Arab world, promoting one of top organizations worldwide.

MMAMENA interviewed Mr. Yerevanian to know more about his personal achievements, plans, goals and vision for Phoenix Fighting Championship:

How it all started

- I took over the family business in 2000 and started SAYFCO Holding from scratch

I believe in branding and communication so despite the critics I was the first company to open a page on Facebook

- If you have a good product and everyone knows about it, it makes it a great product, but if u have an amazing product and no one knows about it, it becomes useless

- We sold in a matter of 2 3 years 6000 units worth of more than 3 billion dollars through Facebook

- Facebook went crazy and made a case study about us. We were the Number 1 real estate company worldwide, from Lebanon!

His way into Martial Arts

When I came back to Lebanon I started sponsoring basketball teams, marathon runners, tracking field runners, and in 2014 I discovered local MMA fighters like FakhreddineKarakiGhorabi and I sponsored them this is how I went into MMA in Lebanon. Sponsoring them got me to meet the Desert Force owners the Mirzas and Abul Sou3oud, so I sponsored DFC and brought them to Leb for the first time. They needed a sponsor of 100, 000 $ but my condition was to be hosted in Leb, it was really successful, and I saw there could be done much more for the sports, so I started my own promotion and in 2016 when I founded Phoenix Fighting Championship.

Phoenix Fighting Championship

I wanted to go international, so I started making teams in London, Bangkok, Dubai ...

- Phoenix 3 London was broadcasted to potential 1.5 billion was a big boom covered by many international Tvs, British Eursport, Osn, Fight network, Bein Sports ...

- I wanted to do the UFC of the Arab world, and I needed MBC Action to do that

- Only a year in the market, and Phoenix Muay Thai is set to be the leading world Muay Thai  promotion and Phoenix MMA is set to be the first promotion in the MEA and Arab world. This is how strong the branding and the communication is!

I came I invested, I had the vision, I did it  and we achieved it so yes we can always dream but you have to actually go and do it

My aim that phoenix in 2 years become the 1 billion dollar company and then for it to become like the UFC or Bellator, this my goal

- I'm here to educate, inform and entertain and this is my responsibility.

MBC Action

- There will be a weekly show every Thursday starting the 29th of March from 9 to 11 KSA time, They will broadcast Live the main fights then repeat it everyday, then every Thursday they put the prelims, documentaries, interviews about the fighters and go into their lives, it's gona be amazing.

On the 29th we have 4 interviews with Karaki, Dekhissi, Pavel Kusch and Haidar Hassan

Summer will witness the first academy, 16 of the best Arab fighters in 1 villa, 2 teams, 13 episodes, Phoenix warrior season 1

- Every season will be in a different exotic country

- I need people to know more the fighters, I want to entertain people

Road To Phoenix retraction from Jordan

- They see MMA is taking over, they are scared they are losing fighters in their federation, instead of using the exposure of MMA to talk about how fighters have grown and took their fighting experience through other martial arts sports

- I want to educate the federations and this old mentality they have and let them know that everyone will benefit .. so wake up .. it will take time I have long breath and I will achieve it

Phoenix 6

I'm excited about lot of fights and there are many great fights in phoenix 6

- Every single fight is special to me, I'm involved in every single detail matchmaking

Relationship with the fighters

- I love being in touch with the fighters this is why I have a special relationship with everyone of them

- Money don’t buy leaders, they will obey u, I don’t want people to obey me I want to inspire them 

Top Fighters in the MEA

Jarrah, karaki, Tahar Hadbi, Mounir Lazzaz, Ramy Hamed ... It is really not fair for the others as its very close and it's hard to pick

- My goal to set a benchmark, to have the best Arab fighters

About Brave Combat Federation

Brave is a great promotion, the vision of the Sheikh Khaled is amazing, I respect that and not only mma for his country he hosted IMMAF championships .. it’s a big market there's a place for both of us, I think we can do lot of things definitely so I think they can strength in my brand and me in theirs its good type of competition Sheikh Khaled invited me to the last brave directly I went and saw it so I have no competition complex thing I sat there as a fan and talked to do something together to have a co event once a year I always have many surprise so buckle up its gona be a great ride.

To The Fans

Keep watching and keep following us we got great things for u so far I delivered 

and the best is yet to come!

Phoenix 6 will be live on MBC Action on Thursday April 5 starting 9pm (KSA Time)

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