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Hadbi scheduled to face Jarrah at Brave 12
Tahar Hadbi has confirmed that his bout against Jarrah Al Selawe is confirmed. The two will face at Brave 12 which was announced to be hosted in Jakarta, Indonesia. Hadbi initiated his career at Brave Combat Federation with a tough start with two of his first fights ending up in controversial no-contests. The French-Algerian welterweight fighter bounced back with a sensational victory over Mohammad Fakhreddine who is one among the top welterweight fighters in the Arab world, handing over the first TKO loss in Fakhreddine's career. 

"From my childhood, I was raised to fight the toughest challenges and to earn respect the right way. The fight against Jarrah is not a gift from the promotion. But I have earned it by defeating Fakhreddine who was the last person to handover a defeat to Al Selawe. Al Selawe was a constant presence in this promotion from the very beginning and also had fought toughest fights. Indonesia will be thrilled to witness this war", said Hadbi.

Jarrah Al Selawe was originally scheduled to face Carlston Harris who was forced to withdraw due to an injury. Al Selawe went ahead to face David Bear who was a constant presence at Hadbi's corner. With Bear returning to MMA after a break of an year, the duo showcased an epic battle in Amman, Jordan where Al Selawe claiming victory by submission with mere four seconds remaining in the clock. This time Hadbi was in the corner, witnessing Al Selawe from Kingdom fighters claiming a victory over his teammate from ObyFight. 

"The fight makes a lot of sense, Jarrah has double the fights and double the victories than the champion. This makes him the best fighter to fight against in Brave Combat Federation. The title which Carlston Harris hold will have value only when it is defended against the best challenger. So this fight is the one that will change the landscape of the welterweight division forever. Moreover with the new signings, the current lineup is one of the best in the world and only the toughest will survive in Brave", added Hadbi. 

Tahar Hadbi X Mohammad Fakhreddine