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Abdul Kareem Al Selwady is set to fight for the first time in Europe at Brave 13 hosted on June 9 n Belfast. The lightweight fighter from Jordan has a streak of four back to back wins at Brave Combat Federation and is one victory away from matching the record of Jarrah Al Selawe who has five wins which is the highest in the promotion. Selwady will be facing Erik Carlsson from Sweden. 

Carlsson had mention in his previous interview that there are a few fighters in the promotion who wants to face Selwady. Carlsson will also become the only fighter who had faced both Jarrah Al Selawe and Abdul Kareem Al Selwady in Brave Combat Federation. Selwady is serious when it comes to his opponent, "My opponent is pretty well rounded . He is good at mixing up his game on the ground and stand up, but maybe his brightest strength is his toughness. He isn’t easy to breakdown and stays composed under pressure . But that’s not surprising to me since I’ve fought tougher guys like Charlie Leary. So this will be a fun one", said Selwady.

Selwady revealed a major plan when it came to his future plans for training, "I thanked His Highness Shiekh Khalid plenty of times on his efforts in making MMA this big in the Middle East. He is the hope of many who were looking for the growth of MMA and now because of him we have a big opportunity to make a life out of sports. I don’t have any interest in living in any other place aside Dallas, Texas. I have engraved myself there for the main reason of training under coach Sayif Saud at Fortis MMA. It is a very good team that has a great balance of smart and intense training. But yes, I would love to always travel and visit places and meet people. I would love to visit KHK MMA Gym in Bahrain and train alongside His Highness Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa, and experience one among the best training facilities in the world."

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