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John Makdessi : " I want to become World Champion "
Joining a martial arts gym and participating in competitions has given him a purpose and passion.
Becoming a professional MMA athlete is a learning experience, where no one can really teach a fighter
how to deal with loss. John Makdessi was born and raised in Canada, but is originally from Lebanon. He
believes that being a good role model and trying to get the Lebanese community to support him while
motivating other Lebanese athletes are part of his goals.
Always trying to show the positive side of his country and the Lebanese people, John is always happy to
hear other Lebanese athletes succeeding. Going to Lebanon has always been on his mind and it would
be a pleasure to host a seminar there and share his knowledge.
He has dedicated himself to Tristar gym for over 8 years and appreciates what the gym and Firas has done
for him. John’s training routine varies depending on the opponent but always sticks to the basics and
principles. Change is necessary for evolution and self-improvement, and is always a big challenge for
anyone. John’s ultimate goal is to become a champion, a world champion!