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Amin Nacheb " I am honored to take Part of Cedar Fighting Championship "
Amin has managed to dominate every other fight by Submission or TKO, with a record of 3-1 facing
one loss against Mohammad Abdel Karim. He feels really comfortable in all aspects of the game,
whether in the striking game or on ground. Standing in the top division and defending his title is his
top priority; his next step with regards to his career is performing for an international organization,
and helping the MMA rise in his region and country by taking the appropriate part in the sports map.
He believes that we are witnessing an extraordinary evolution of the sports organizations level and is
honored to take part in the Cedar Fighting championship.
Amin’s toughest opponent is Youssef Abu Shreekh, yet would like to face Jarjis “man mountain”
Danho, Mark “Rocky” Tanios, and Mohammed “Hulk” Abdulkareem. Lyoto Machida and George Saint
Pierre are his idols, who have adapted traditional arts to raise the bar higher with regards to technicality
in the MMA. Amin believes that the MMA athletes are stronger, faster, and technically superior, making
the fights very unpredictable. This is truly a new era of MMA in the MENA region!