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ANAS SIRAJ MOUNIR : " I deserve Desert Force Lightweight Title More than anyone else "
Having a record of 5-1, and facing only one loss against the current Desert Force welterweight champion, Mounir el Lazzez, Anis has by far managed to dominate every other fight with his unique fighting style and skills. In his opinion, the perfect match for him to fight would be someone who is well rounded and appreciates the actual “art” mixed in with martial arts. He stresses that he would like to face the fighter Youssef Wehbe.

 Anas denies the rumors that he has had problems with the Desert Force management, saying that the
problem was with his previous employer. With confidence he states that he will be fighting for the lightweight desert title soon, and deserves the title more than anyone else.
As a well-rounded fighter himself, Anas feels comfortable in both the striking game and on ground, mentioning that in almost all his fights he finds himself striking. When asked who his idols are, Anas replies that his parents are the toughest fighters and that he always looks up to them.

Even though Mounir is his toughest opponent, they are now team mates representing Nogueira Dubai, making a rematch with him very unlikely. Yet, when they meet at the gym, it certainly is war!The young fighter gave a warm thank you to the MMA mena for approaching him and truly appreciates the support they have given to fighters and what they are doing for the sport itself.