BRAVE CF 27 update: Aliskerov injured, out of Fakhreddine fight
  Bahrain introduces the most prestigious trophy in sports history
  Founder of Brave CF, Sheikh Khalid is appointed as president of Bahrain's Olympic Committee
  BRAVE 27: stars Aliskerov and Fakhreddine to clash at Middleweight
  Middle East pioneer looks for victorious return at Brave 23
CFC II: Undercard: Abdel Salem al Khodor vs Fady Akl
Round 1: Fady owns the round by far! He manages to take a full mount and maintains it all through the round.
Round 2: Beginning of the round, both fighters share strikes, Fady then takes control at the end of the round .Injury is clearly seen on both fighters' faces.
Round 3: Strong low kicks from Abed Salem. As the crowd cheers for their favorite fighter, Fady manages to take mount once again!
The winner by split decision is Fady Akl
COMING UP NEXT: Anas Mohamad vs Khaldoun Shamseddine