Middle East pioneer looks for victorious return at Brave 23
  SMMAFKSA launches its first MMA youth (-18) National Championship
  BRAVE CF returns to Abu Dhabi with the most anticipated rematch of the year
  BRAVE 27: stars Aliskerov and Fakhreddine to clash at Middleweight
  BRAVE CF 27 update: Aliskerov injured, out of Fakhreddine fight
  Bahrain introduces the most prestigious trophy in sports history
CFC II: Main Card: Amateur: Jad Akach vs Jhonny Khoury
Round 1: Full mount for Jad at the beginning, and total control from his side. Jhonny is unable to defend himself, what a defeat.... yet a glorious win for Jad!
COMING UP NEXT: Mariem Abidi vs Joanna Salameh