BRAVE 27: stars Aliskerov and Fakhreddine to clash at Middleweight
  SMMAFKSA launches its first MMA youth (-18) National Championship
  Founder of Brave CF, Sheikh Khalid is appointed as president of Bahrain's Olympic Committee
  BRAVE CF returns to Abu Dhabi with the most anticipated rematch of the year
  Georges Eid and Yousif Ghrairy at PARUS Fight Championship 2019
  Bahrain introduces the most prestigious trophy in sports history
CFC II: Main Card: Amateur: Mariem Abidi vs Joanna Salameh
Round 1: Take down from Mariem, making it extremely difficult for Joanna to escape. A very close round!
Round 2: A great take down from Joanna, an incredible arm bar attempt from Meriem where Joanna attempts to escape, an amazing round!
Round 3: Meriem corners Joanna in the cage! An attempted arm bar from Joanna, but it still leaves Meriem in control.
Let us announce the winner... Meriem Abidi
COMING UP NEXT: Osama Fawaz vs Khaled Affara