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C.R.E president Mr. Toni Assi Honoring Tristar Gym Lebanon Champions
C.R.E president Mr. Toni Assi, a Martial Artist who practices KALI & Jiu-Jitsu, Honored Tristar Gym Lebanon Athletes and Coaches at Sett Zmorrod restaurant, Blueberry Square.
Mr. Assi believes that Tristar Gym Lebanon is one of the best teams in the Middle East and the Arab region. 

Toni Assi:
"Tristar Gym is more than a Team, We Became a family ,The results & achievements this Team have Done in the past 2 years are exceptional and Unique"

Tristar Gym President and Head Coach Mr. Wissam Abi Nader added:
"We highly appreciate what Mr. Assi is doing for the team, sponsoring our Athletes in a country where there is no support from the government, we promise him and our fans that this is only the beginning in our achievements .Lebanon needs People like Mr. Assi and we are honored to have him in the Family"